MSS-060-Settling the American West: the Role of the Canadiens and Métis-Part 2

Maple Stars and Stripes fleur-de-lis logoMany mid-western and western town/city histories tell stories of their Anglo founders. But in many instances, the real founders were Canadiens or Métis families, often erased from the history books.

In Part 2 of Settling the American West, Rob Foxcurran, co-author of Songs upon the Rivers, introduces us to some of these invisible founders from a Métis woman with many descendants living today in Prairie du Rocher, Illinois, to a man who was deemed unworthy of a role in local history by museum board members because he had been married four times.

With the Louisiana Purchase, the number of Catholics in the United States almost doubled. Rob will tell us about the role the Catholic Church played in some of these settlements. He also shares a bibliography for those who would like to dig deeper into this subject.

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