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2018-02-01-MSS Episode 070-The French-Canadian Genealogical Society of Connecticut

2018-01-01-MSS Episode 069-Filles à Marier


2017-12-01-MSS Episode 068-Holiday Gifts for the Genealogist

2017-11-01-MSS Episode 067-French-Canadian Notary Records

2017-10-01-MSS Episode 066-Battle for Empire

2017-09-01-MSS Episode 065-The Drouin Institute’s Lafrance Database and the PRDH

2017-08-01-MSS Episode 064-Settling Detroit

2017-07-01-MSS Episode 063-Acadian Voyageurs

2017-06-01-MSS Episode 062-French-Canadian Education at the NIGS

2017-05-01-MSS Episode 061-Settling the American West: the Role of the Canadiens and Métis-Part 3

2017-04-01-MSS Episode 060-Settling the American West: the Role of the Canadiens and Métis-Part 2

2017-03-01-MSS Episode 059-Settling the American West: the Role of the Canadiens and Métis-Part 1

2017-02-01-MSS Episode 058-The Geographic Evolution of a Franco-American Family

2017-01-01-MSS Episode 057-The Life of Fille du Roi Jeanne Chevalier


2016-12-01-MSS Episode 056-Health and Sickness in New France (Hélène’s World-Part 4)

2016-11-01-MSS Episode 055-Tracking Your Ancestor Back to Québec

2016-10-11-MSS Episode 054-The French Institute at Assumption College

2016-09-20-MSS Episode 053-Silent Presence: The French in New England-Pt 2

2016-08-30-MSS Episode 052-Vermont French-Canadian Genealogical Society

2016-08-09-MSS Episode 051-Silent Presence: The French in New England-Pt 1

2016-07-05-MSS Episode 050-Acadian History-Part 2: Deportation

2016-06-07-MSS Episode 049-Researching Ancestors in France with the French Genealogy Blog

2016-05-17-MSS Episode 048-French-Canadian Genetic Diseases-part 2

2016-04-26-MSS Episode 047-French-Canadian Genetic Diseases-part 1

2016-04-05-MSS Episode 046-Researching French-Canadians in Vermont

2016-03-15-MSS Episode 045-The French-Canadian Heritage Society of California

2016-02-23-MSS Episode 044-Filles du Roi-the Perilous Journey

2016-02-02-MSS Episode 043-The Role of Religion in New France (Hélène’s World-Part 3)

2016-01-12-MSS Episode 042-The Upper Saint John River Valley Land Grants


2015-12-01-MSS Episode 041-Introduction to the Carignan-Salière Regiment

2015-11-10-MSS Episode 040-Blogging Your Ancestor’s Story

2015-10-20-MSS Episode 039-Franco-Americans and the KKK

2015-09-29-MSS Episode 038-Canadian Provincial Censuses, 1763-1861

2015-08-18-MSS Episode 037-Canadian National Censuses, 1871-1921

2015-07-28-MSS Episode 036-Money in New France

2015-07-07-MSS Episode 035-Canon Law for the Genealogist

2015-06-23-MSS Episode 034-Hearth and Home: the Rouillard-Guillet Story

2015-05-26-MSS Episode 033-Hélène’s World-part 2

2015-05-04-MSS Episode 032-Franco Heritage in Salem, Massachusetts

2015-04-14-MSS Episode 031-The Québec Family History Society

2015-03-24-MSS Episode 030-Acadian History-Part 1B: Pre-Deportation

2015-03-03-MSS Episode 029-Acadian History-Part 1A: Pre-Deportation

2015-02-10-MSS Episode 028-Researching Your Northeast Métis Ancestors

2015-01-20-MSS Episode 027-Dissecting a French-Canadian Burial Record

2015-01-06-MSS Episode 026-The PRDH


2014-12-02-MSS Episode 025-A Celebration of Food: the French-Canadian Tourtière

2014-11-18-MSS Episode 024-Fichier Origine

2014-11-04-MSS Episode 023-Sharing Franco Heritage with the Next Generation

2014-10-21-MSS Episode 022-Dissecting a French-Canadian Marriage Record

2014-10-07-MSS Episode 021-Interview with a Self-Proclaimed Taphophile

2014-09-16-MSS Episode 020-Hélène’s World-part 1

2014-09-02-MSS Episode 019-World Acadian Congress 2014

2014-08-19-MSS Episode 018-The American-Canadian Genealogical Society

2014-08-05-MSS Episode 017-French-Canadian Repertoires

2014-07-15-MSS Episode 016-The History behind the Geography

2014-07-01-MSS Episode 015-French-Canadian Marriage Records

2014-06-17-MSS Episode 014-The American-French Genealogical Society

2014-06-03-MSS Episode 013-Dissecting a French-Canadian Baptism Record

2014-05-20-MSS Episode 012-The Drouin Collection-Microfilmed and Digitized 

2014-05-06-MSS Episode 011-Tracking Your “Nomadic” French-Canadian Ancestors

2014-04-15-MSS Episode 010-The French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan

2014-04-01-MSS Episode 009-The Drouin Collection

2014-03-18-MSS Episode 008-Jetté’s Dictionnaire

2014-03-04-MSS Episode 007-Les Filles du Roi, or King’s Daughters

2014-02-18-MSS Episode 006-Tanguay and Its Supplement

2014-02-04-MSS Episode 005-French-Canadian Given Names

2014-01-21-MSS Episode 004-More French-Canadian Name Variations

2014-01-07-MSS Episode 003-French Pronunciation and Text-to-Speech Aids


2013-12-17-MSS Episode 002-The Dreaded Dit Name

2013-12-03-MSS Episode 001-Beginning French-Canadian Research