MSS-019-World Acadian Congress 2014

Maple Stars and Stripes fleur-de-lis logoOnce arriving back to the eighteenth century, many French-Canadian researchers will find an Acadian or two in their ancestry. That is because, after the deportation, some of these unfortunate folks escaped to or returned to French-Canadian settlements and eventually intermarried.

Every five years a celebration of Acadian heritage takes place in a venue with close ties to our Acadian ancestors. Last month, many events were held over a 2-1/2 week period in New Brunswick, eastern Québec province, and northern Maine. Lucie LeBlanc Consentino, an Acadian descendant herself, attended these festivities and gives us a first-hand account of the events in which she participated. Lucie is well-known for her information-packed website, Acadian and French-Canadian Ancestral Home.

In Language Tip #19, we look at the connection between a maiden name and a swear word as we discuss the sound of the letter ‘D.’ Don’t forget to check out the show notes at


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