MSS-011-Tracking Your “Nomadic” French-Canadian Ancestors

Maple Stars and Stripes fleur-de-lis logoBecause of the proximity of Québec and the northern states of America, those of us from the northern US most likely have immigrant ancestors who traveled back and forth between the two. We also find that they often had children in both places. This initial nomadic lifestyle presents a challenge when a genealogist is trying to piece together a complete family. Today we’ll discuss some strategies that may help in this area as we piece together the family of Narcisse Dufort and Malvina Blais with our guest Janine Penfield.

We’ll also look at surnames beginning with DE, DES, or D’, and discuss ways of locating these ancestors in online indexes.

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3 comments on “MSS-011-Tracking Your “Nomadic” French-Canadian Ancestors

  1. Jodie Chapdelaine

    Hoping you can shed some light on my Canadian family the Arsenault and why it sounds like Snow? From the first episode I see why the LT is not in the sound in the name. But the R is not in the sound. And I am guessing AU sound like OW in Snow. Thanks. Jodie Chapdelaine 🙂

    1. Sandra Goodwin

      Hi Jodie-You’ve pretty much got it all figured out. The first syllable was probably unstressed. With the stress on the second syllable, ‘snow’ would have been the dominant sound.

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