Using the Printed PRDH for Your French-Canadian Research

The printed PRDH, all 47 volumes, have traditionally been very difficult for non-French speakers to figure out. These four videos will take you step by step through the indexes to the records. (4 videos; total 43:42)



If the videos are blurry, make sure to check the directions below the video which tell you how to upgrade the resolution to make it clearer. There is quite a bit of print on the slides in the videos, so even if they are clear when I upload them, after two bouts of compression, the clarity degenerates to the point that you have to upgrade the quality in order to make out some words.

But that increase in quality may mean you have problems with the buffering of the video, and depending on your system’s download speeds, it may be choppy. So you’ll have to play around with it a bit to see what works best for you.

No matter how much checking you do, there are always errors that make it through. After the videos were uploaded I found a couple minor ones. Can you find them?


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