QUIZ-MSS-012-The Drouin Collection

Can you find the gender clues in these records? Answers can be found by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Quiz #1-Baptism record

MSS-012-Quiz #1

  • a) The child’s name is Alexis. Is this a girl or a boy? How do you know?

Quiz #2-Marriage record

MSS-012-Quiz #2

  • a) Is the groom, Adolph Héroux dit Bouillinville, of age?
  • b) Is the groom’s father, Bénoit Héroux dit Bouillinville, alive?
  • c) Is the groom’s mother, Marie Josephte l’Evêque dite Sansoucie, alive?
  • d) Is the bride, Julie Pellerin, of age?
  • e)  Is the bride’s father, François Pellerin, alive?
  • f)  Is the bride’s mother, Marie Veine, alive?
  • g) In the next to the last line, is Michel Désautel dit Lapointe the brother-in-law (beau-frère) of the bride or groom?

Quiz #3-Burial record MSS-012-Quiz #3

  • a) Is the deceased male or female? How do you know?
  • b) Are either of this person’s parents deceased?


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