PRDH-The Key to the Repertory


Your Copy of the Key

With permission from Bertrand Desjardins (Merci, Monsieur Desjardins!), one of the wonderful creators of the PRDH, I am making available to you the English version of the Key to the Repertory. This Key is a translation of the information found in the preface of the 47-volume printed version of the PRDH.

Click here to download the PRDH Key to the Repertory.

(Be patient. It may look like nothing is happening, but it is.)

6 comments on “PRDH-The Key to the Repertory

    1. Geoffrey Bodeau

      Where can I find a copy of the ‘Programme de recherche en demographie historique’? Is there a digital version that can be searched electronically? It would be a wonderful tool for research.

  1. Denise Beausoleil Beaudry

    What a treasure I found today when I came across your site. My dad ‘s side of the family are among those who travelled the Canada USA route. This is wonderful . Thank you.

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