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Volunteer Opportunity

helperThe purpose of this page is for members of the Maple Stars and Stripes community to help other members. It is very difficult to research French-language records without a working knowledge of French. Here is a chance for those who are fluent in French to help those who aren’t.

We’ve already had a couple of generous offers from listeners of this podcast, and I announced them several episodes ago (very difficult to locate again).So I am collecting the names of volunteers on this page, in one place, to make it easier to find.

If you’d like to volunteer your services, please email me at feedback [at] maplestarsandstripes [dot] com and I’ll add you to the list. And from all of us, thank you.



Annie Sargent from the Join Us in France podcast, has volunteered to send an audio file of the correct French pronunciation of any word, name, or phrase you send her. A great way to hear a name and figure out how English speakers would write it! You can reach her at info [at] joinusinfrance [dot] com.


Yolande Gobeil has volunteered to translate baptism, marriage, and burial records for listeners. She requests that you send your records to me, and I’ll forward them to her.

Annie Vallières from Trois-Rivières, Québec, is available for obtaining or translating documents and for tips. Her email is avallieres29 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Ken Proulx, a former French teacher, is available for translations. You can reach him at proulxkj [at] ne [dot] rr [dot] com.

Anyone else want to be added to the list?

Thank You!

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