MSS-035-Canon Law for the Genealogist

Maple Stars and Stripes fleur-de-lis logoYou’ve probably heard many times, “Parish registers are easy to read. Once you know how to read one type of record, you can read them all. They follow a pattern.”

“Oh, no! This record is different!”

And that’s true – for the most part. But what happens when you run across that one record that’s a bit different? Is there a story behind the anomaly?

Today’s guest, George Findlen, shares with us a strategy to help us uncover that often-times very intriguing story.

So how’s your Latin holding up?

Another problem French-Canadian researchers often encounter is running across a priest or missionary who recorded the sacrament in Latin. How fresh is YOUR high school Latin? For most, probably not so much. Many people have difficulty even determining if they have the right person because the names are different.

Language Tip #35 will help you to establish whether you have the correct person. In the podcast, I explain how and why the names are different; in the show notes you will find lists of Latin translations of common French male and female given names.

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