MSS-034-Hearth and Home: the Rouillard-Guillet Story

Maple Stars and Stripes fleur-de-lis logoMost of us have a voyageur or two in our family tree. What was life like for them? And what was life like for the wife left alone months on end?

In an interview with author Marcel Pronovost, he shares with us the discoveries he made about his ancestors, Mathieu Rouillard and Jeanne Guillet. Join us for their interesting story.

In Language Tip #34, I’ll offer you tips to help navigate around French-language websites.

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One comment on “MSS-034-Hearth and Home: the Rouillard-Guillet Story

  1. Susan McNelley

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the interview with Marcel Pronovost and hearing the stories of his seventeenth-century voyageur ancestor. Each family story is unique, but there is also a lot that those who lived in New France in the 17th-century had in common. His stories resonate with me. I agree with you, Sandy, that while our ancestors led ordinary lives, from this distance they are quite extraordinary!

    And your computer woes. Scary! A lesson for all of us to back up, back up, back up.

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