MSS-031-The Québec Family History Society

Maple Stars and Stripes fleur-de-lis logoWould you like to tap the vast knowledge of French-Canadian research and resources in Québec directly from those who produce the records, but in English? Then the Québec Family History Society from Montréal may be just what you’ve been searching for!

Conducting genealogy business in English, publishing an English-language journal, and producing the largest English-language conference in Québec are just a few of its accomplishments. Join president Gary Schroder for a look inside the Québec Family History Society.

In Language Tip #31, we’ll look at the sound of /OU/ in medial and final positions in surnames.

Learn about all this plus meetings in your area and an exciting announcement from the Drouin Institute, all in episode #31. Be sure to check out the show notes at


2 comments on “MSS-031-The Québec Family History Society

  1. Michel Jolicoeur

    (Veille= jour qui précède un jour donné, jour avant) and (Surveille = Avant-veille ou jour qui précède la veille)

    Veille would mean the day before, example if the person past away on monday night at 11 pm and on the tuesday they tell you he is death la veille then it is the day before. But if he past away on monday night at 11 pm and ont the wednesday they thell you he is death la surveille. Hope this will hep you,

    Sorry for my english, I am french speaking !

    1. Sandra Goodwin

      Thanks for the explanation, Michel. And no need to apologize. Your English is a lot better than my French!! 🙂

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