MSS-022-Practice Reading Marriage Records

The following marriage record for Jean-Baptiste Renaut and Dina Macé, recorded in St-Pie, began at the bottom of one page and continued on the top of the next. Quiz yourself. Can you locate the information and answer the questions correctly?

Renaut-Macé marriage

Renaut-Macé marriage

1) When did Jean-Baptiste and Dina marry?

2) How many times were the bans read?

3) Where did the groom live?

4) Had the groom reached the age of majority?

5) Who were his parents?

6) Where did his parents live?

7) Had the bride reached the age of majority?

8) Who were her parents?

9) Where did her parents live?

10) Were any of the parents deceased? If so, who?

11) Were there any impediments to the marriage?

12) Name each witness and his or her relationship to the bride or groom.

Now check your answers.
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