MSS-022-Practice Reading Marriage Records-ANSWERS

1) When did Jean-Baptiste and Dina marry?



  • Ce trente septembre mil huit cent trente neuf
  • This 30th September one thousand eight hundred thirty-nine (1839)


2) How many times were the bans read?




  • après la publication de trois bans de mariage…
  • after the publication of three bans of mariage


3) Where did the groom live?

Groom's residence



  • domicilié en cette paroisse
  • residing in this parish (St-Pie)

4) Had the groom reached the age of majority? [see above]

  • fils majeur
  • adult son


5) Who were his parents?

Groom's parents



  • fils majeur de Jean Baptiste Renaut et de Josephte Guertin…
  • adult son of Jean Baptiste Renaut and of Josephte Guertin…


6) Where did his parents live? [see above]

  • …de cette paroisse…
  • …of this parish (St-Pie)…

7) Had the bride reached the age of majority?

Bride's age



  • …Dina Macé, fille mineure..
  • …Dina Macé, minor daughter…


8) Who were her parents? [see above]

  • …fille mineure de défunt Louis Macé, et de Marguerite Ayët dit Malo…
  • …minor daughter of the late Louis Macé and of Marguerite Ayët dit Malo…


9) Where did her parents live?

Parents' residence



  • de cette paroisse…
  • of this parish (St-Pie)


10) Were any of the parents deceased? If so, who? [see #7 and 8]

  • …de défunt Louis Macé
  • …of the late Louis Macé

11) Were there any impediments to the marriage?




  • ne s’étant découvert aucun empêchement
  • not having discovered any impediment


12) Name each witness and his or her relationship to the bride or groom.






  • en présence du dit Jean Baptiste Renaut, père de l’époux, de François Chabotte, beaupère de l’èpouse, de Jean Baptiste Trejean, de Charles Croteau, et de plusieurs autres parens et amis
  • in the presence of the said Jean Baptiste Renaut, father of the groom, of François Chabotte, step-father of the bride, of Jean Baptiste Trejean, of Charles Croteau, and of several other relatives and friends
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