MSS-013-Dissecting a French-Canadian Baptism Record

Maple Stars and Stripes fleur-de-lis logoIf you are not fluent in French, then tracing your ancestors in Québec records is a daunting task. In the last episode, we determined that we could use gender clues to answer some questions. Today we’re going to begin to recognize the words that make up French dates since they are usually written out in words rather than digits. There are also links to several websites which will provide you with opportunities to practice and become familiar with these French numbers.

In the main segment, we will dissect a baptism record phrase by phrase. By following the example, you should be able to comprehend the majority of these records with very little help.

Be sure to check out the Show Notes at There you will find a link to some sample baptism records so you can practice reading French dates. Enjoy!


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