MSS-012-The Drouin Collection-Microfilmed and Digitized

Maple Stars and Stripes fleur-de-lis logoThe goal of every genealogist is to get back to the original record whenever possible. Tanguay (episode 6), Jetté (episode 8), and the published Drouins (episode 9) are great as finding aids and indexes. With the microfilming of the Drouin collection based on the civil copy in the 1940s and the microfilming of the parish copy by the LDS Church in 1976, genealogists could view the original records without making a trip to Canada. Now we can actually access digitized copies right from the comfort of our own homes. It just keeps getting better!

For those who don’t read or speak French, making sense of this “gift” may at times seem insurmountable. In today’s Language Tip and over the next few episodes, we’re going to present tips you can use that should enable these records to begin “speaking” to you. We’ll begin by looking at gender clues.

Be sure to check out the Show Notes at where you’ll find a little surprise waiting for you at the end of the Language Tips segment. Be brave!!!!!



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