MSS-007- Les Filles du Roi (the King’s Daughters)

Maple Stars and Stripes fleur-de-lis logoImagine being a young lady in your teens or early twenties. You leave everything known to you to travel six to eight weeks across an unforgiving ocean toward a harsh land that requires all your strength and resolve to survive. We of French-Canadian descent are here today because approximately 800 young ladies did precisely that. These Filles du Roi, or King’s Daughters, were not of royal blood, but they did have the backing of the king. Sylvia Montville Bartholomy will regale us with the story of these remarkable women.

Then Jan Burkhart will tell us about a Filles du Roi certificate program initiated by the American-French Genealogical Society. Learn how you can participate with your Filles du Roi ancestor.

In our Language Tip, we learn the sound of the French double-L and how to locate missing ancestors with a double-L in their surnames.

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