MSS-002-The Dreaded Dit Name

Maple-StarsandStripes-144-x-144-RGB1[1]If you’ve come across dit/dite names in your French-Canadian research and wondered what it all meant, then episode 2 of Maple Stars and Stripes is for you!

Along with learning how to pronounce it, we’ll also cover its origins and uses. Then you’ll find many print and online resources that will help you to compile a list of dit names associated with your surnames of interest. Hopefully, knowledge of one of those dit names will help you break down a stubborn brick wall. If that happens, please let us know in the comments at Also, please drop us a line if you discover another source for information on dit names.

Bonne chance (good luck)!

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2 comments on “MSS-002-The Dreaded Dit Name

  1. Michael J Denis

    I was once told that families used “dit(e)” names because they didn’t know what the real family name was. This from a supposedly “expert” French-Canadian researcher. Unfortunately, many people assumed that was correct because this person had published a book on early French-Canadian families. And we all know, if it’s in print, it MUST be true. Sad how misinformation can be spread.

    1. Sandra Goodwin

      Hi Michael-
      I guess that’s why genealogists never stop learning. It’s the only way we can separate fact from fiction.

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