MSS-001-Beginning French-Canadian Research

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Maple Stars and Stripes: Your French-Canadian Genealogy Podcast was created as a way to share tips and tricks that might make it easier to research your French-Canadian family here in America as well as to trace them back in Quebec. We’ll discuss ways to make it easier to move around in French-language records, especially if you’re not a native French speaker, as well as take a look at different record groups, repositories, history, geography, culture, and methodology particular to French-Canadian genealogy.

Episode 001: Learn how a very simple pronunciation rule can help you find missing ancestors hiding in digital indexes. We also cover beginning steps to help find your ancestors’ location back in Quebec, and we take an in-depth look at the Loiselle marriage index.

There are also instructions on how YOU can contribute YOUR knowledge to help listeners of Maple Stars and Stripes.

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13 comments on “MSS-001-Beginning French-Canadian Research

  1. Pierre Lagacé

    I started getting interested about my roots in 2007.
    It has never stopped.
    I am (was) a teacher also
    I have an English version of my blog Nos ancêtres.

    There is always a lesson to learn in life…
    This is my latest post.
    I have written more than 600 on that English version.
    More than a thousand on Nos ancêtres.

    You know there is still time to stop… but the more you write, the more addicted you get.

    Feel free to comment on my blogs.


    P.S. I could write all this in French if you want to.

    1. Sandra Goodwin

      Hi Pierre-
      Welcome to Maple Stars and Stripes. I don’t know how large of a French-speaking audience I’ll have. Are you in Canada or USA or elsewhere?

    1. Sandra Goodwin

      A couple of years ago I visited St-Jacques-de-l’Achigan and St-Liguori where my ancestors are from. It’s beautiful country. Are you anywhere near there?

  2. Pamela Wescott Lee

    I’ve just started listening to your Podcast and am really enjoying it! I loved your story about tepettes (spelling?). My mother’s family lineage is 100% Quebecois. One of my favorite childhood dinners was fried bread dough slathered in maple syrup, often served with baked beans on the side. We called them galettes. I have heard “galette” used for sweet and savory tarts. But outside of my family, I have never heard the word used for maple syrup soaked dough.

    Looking forward to learning more from your future Podcasts!

    1. Sandra Goodwin

      Pamela-Glad you’re enjoying the podcast. I always spelled the fried dough tuppettes, but I don’t remember if I saw them spelled that way or only imagined that was how it was spelled. However, no matter how they were spelled, they were delicious and a special treat for us. So, when’s the last time you’ve made galettes??

      1. Sébastien Comeau

        When I listened to your podcast, the recipe of tupettes made me think of “pets de soeur” which I thought the name was somewhat similar but it could be a variation of another famous recipe names “grand-pères dans le sirop d’érable”: You could google it to look at pictures and recipes.

        For myself, I am Québécois and have been doing genealogy since the late 1990s. Ihave a website dedicated to the Comeau family since 2000 while still researching my personal family at the same time. My personal family is almost exclusively french canadian.

        1. Sandra Goodwin

          Hi Sébastien-
          I googled pets de soeur, and unfortunately, those are not my tuppettes. However, they look like something my mother used to make with the leftover dough from pie crusts. She’d sprinkle pieces with cinnamon and sugar and bake them along with the pie. Just as good as tuppettes.

          1. Sébastien Comeau

            Did you google the grand père dans le sirop d’érable?

          2. Sandra Goodwin

            Hi Sébastien, I just did. Those look very close to what we used to have. Many of the sites were recipes to make them from scratch. We just used store-bough bread dough and let it rise, tore off chunks and deep-fried them. But they looked very similar. I wonder how they got that name? Not close to my tuppettes.

  3. Pamela Wescott Lee

    Thanks for the spelling correction. I read French much more confidently than speaking. My college professor routinely said “C’est horrible” when I would speak. All I could say was “But that’s how my grandfather pronounced it”. Sadly, it has been a few years since I enjoyed galettes…it seems like a trip home to Mom is in order 🙂 Looking forward to Podcast #4!

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