April 11, 2015 (Saturday)

New England Family History Conference

Franklin, MA

Beginning French-Canadian Genealogy: Crossing the Border

Location: the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 91 Jordan Road, Franklin, MA

8 AM – 3 PM, free, but you must register

Brick wall







French-Canadian genealogy is relatively easy compared to some other ethnic groups. However, occasionally we come across that one line in America where every place of origin says ‘Canada’ or ‘Quebec.’

Join me at the New England Family History Conference and learn several strategies to help pinpoint that original location so you can blast through your brick wall.


February 24, 2015 (Tuesday)

Worcester, MA

The PRDH Workshop for French-Canadian Researchers

Location: Worcester Public Library, 6:30-8:30 (free)

There are three iterations of the PRDH (the Programme de recherche en démographie historique), the reconstruction of the population of Québec from the beginning of colonization in 1621 to 1799 and beyond using parish registers:

Join us for this two-hour workshop and learn the pros and cons of each as well as how to use all three versions. There will be hands-on training for using the printed PRDH as well as a presentation on the two digital versions. Bring your questions!



September 27, 2014 (Saturday)

Manchester, NH



Fall Conference and Annual Meeting

Location: Chateau Event Center and Restaurant, 201 Hanover Street, Manchester, NH (about a mile from the ACGS library)

Presentation: Using Print-on-Demand: Writing a Family History Book Your Relatives Will Actually Want to Read!

Genealogists love to discover a compiled genealogy of their surname of interest. The thicker the better! But how does the rest of your family feel about reading it. Would they sit down and read it even if YOU were the author?

This lecture covers three related issues: how to leave behind your materials when you’re gone, how to choose a project that’s not as intimidating as a compiled genealogy, and how to construct it in a format that your family will find riveting. Discover how to write creative print-on-demand books that your family won’t want to put down!

Download information and a registration form. Early bird deadline is Sept. 15, 2014.

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  1. Dennis Bovine

    I am doing research of the Bovine Family Tree and I came across a email written by Suzanne Boivin-Sommerville. All of my emails failed to transmit. I would really like to contact her. Please help. Sincerely, Dennis Bovine.

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