MSS-010-The French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan


Maple Stars and Stripes fleur-de-lis logoWhat would we as genealogists do without genealogy societies and their libraries? They are critical in compiling, preserving and disseminating the information we need to prove our family lines.

In our first Spotlight on a Society segment, Loraine DiCerbo, president of the French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan (FCHSM), tells us about her society and apprises us of the resources from their library collection, monthly meetings, and publications which are available to all researchers.

In Language Tip #10, we look at tips for locating surnames beginning with DE, DES, or D’.

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MSS-009-The Drouin Collection


Maple Stars and Stripes fleur-de-lis logoAs French-Canadian researchers, we often find ourselves transcribing French language documents or entering French words into our genealogy databases. Knowing shortcuts for entering accented French letters makes the task much easier.

If you’ve heard of the Big Drouin, Little Drouin, Red Drouin, Blue Drouin, Male Drouin, and Female Drouin, and it’s got you a bit confused, episode 9 will help you sort them all out.

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MSS-008-Jetté’s Dictionnaire


Maple Stars and Stripes fleur-de-lis logoPerhaps one of the most valuable French-Canadian resources packed into one volume is René Jetté’s Dictionnaire genealogique des familles du Quebec, covering early Québec families from the beginning to 1730. Learn how to use Jetté to locate your family as well as what other information can be found within it’s pages.

If you can’t find ancestors whose name begin with ‘L-apostrophe’ in an online index, try these tips. An understanding of French elision can make the search successful.

A listener call-in, another society’s Filles du Roi project, and a bit of humor round out this week’s podcast.

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MSS-007- Les Filles du Roi (the King’s Daughters)


Maple Stars and Stripes fleur-de-lis logoImagine being a young lady in your teens or early twenties. You leave everything known to you to travel six to eight weeks across an unforgiving ocean toward a harsh land that requires all your strength and resolve to survive. We of French-Canadian descent are here today because approximately 800 young ladies did precisely that. These Filles du Roi, or King’s Daughters, were not of royal blood, but they did have the backing of the king. Sylvia Montville Bartholomy will regale us with the story of these remarkable women.

Then Jan Burkhart will tell us about a Filles du Roi certificate program initiated by the American-French Genealogical Society. Learn how you can participate with your Filles du Roi ancestor.

In our Language Tip, we learn the sound of the French double-L and how to locate missing ancestors with a double-L in their surnames.

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MSS-006-Tanguay and Its Supplement


Maple Stars and Stripes fleur-de-lis logoIf you have spent any time at all in the French-Canadian genealogy section of a  library, you have seen the seven-volume set of books known simply by the author’s surname, the Tanguay. These books contain the baptisms, marriages, burials, and constructed families from 1608-1700. At least, the ones that Cyprien Tanguay could uncover in his search from Québec to France. This episode takes a look at the contents and reliability of the Tanguay.

In Language Tips #6, we take a quick look at some common, but often misinterpreted (at least by beginners) abbreviations.

And last, or first actually, we’ll take a look at some exciting news coming out of Rootstech 2014 and learn how we can work together to encourage the digitization of our favorite French-Canadian journals in PERSI by

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